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Revenge Wolf - the orthodox fairy tale

Let’s Revenge to Inky Pigs who killed Mama Wolf.

Orthodox Fairy tale Shooting Game For revenge to Inky Pigs who killed Mama wolf The Adventure of Kid Wolves begins.


  • Byun
  • Hyun
  • Shun
  • Luu
  • Granpa
  • Inky Pigs

Game Play

Unleash Pigs by Powerful Attack!
Revenge wolf is a shooting action game that controls wolves for revenge to pigs.
Wolves have powerful blow shot which can destroy or blow out houses like mama wolf.
Each wolf has different attack skill and need to use accurately on situation.
Attention! Over power makes self blow out
But over powered wolves will blow themselves.
So carefully check maximum of power.

Game Screen Shot

Available on

OS:iOS / Android
Category:Action & Shooting


Before Download Please check your smart phone and tablet is compatible with RevengeWolf.

Android OS: Android4.0 iOS OS: iOS6.0
H/W: Android smartphone and tablet H/W: iPhone4/iPhone4S/iPhone5/iPhone5S/
iPad/iPad2/iPad mini/iPad Air
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